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Tips and Tricks for Outlook Mail

  1. Use Focused Inbox: Outlook’s Focused Inbox automatically sorts your inbox into two tabs—”Focused” and “Other.” It intelligently prioritizes important emails in the Focused tab, helping you stay focused on essential messages while keeping less critical emails organized in the Other tab.
  2. Quick Actions: Take advantage of Outlook’s quick action buttons for common tasks. Whether it’s archiving, flagging, or deleting emails, these shortcuts help you efficiently manage your inbox with just a click.
  3. Schedule Emails: Outlook allows you to schedule emails to be sent later. This feature is useful when you want to compose an email at a particular time but don’t want it to be sent immediately. Click the arrow next to Send and select “Send Later” to schedule when your email is delivered.
  4. Use Rules: Outlook’s rules feature enables you to automate actions on incoming messages, such as moving them to specific folders, forwarding them to another address, or marking them as important. Rules can help you manage your inbox more effectively.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts: Take advantage of Outlook’s keyboard shortcuts to navigate your mailbox efficiently. For example, pressing “Ctrl + N” allows you to compose a new email, while “Ctrl + Enter” sends an email you’re working on.
  6. Quick Steps: Outlook’s Quick Steps feature allows you to create custom one-click shortcuts for common multi-step email actions. For instance, you can create a Quick Step to move a message to a specific folder and mark it as read in one click.
  7. Use @ Mentions: Outlook supports the use of @ mentions in the body of an email. You can use @ followed by a person’s name to ensure that they see the email and to quickly find all messages where you’ve been mentioned.

These tips and tricks can help you optimize your productivity and efficiency while using Outlook Mail, allowing you to better manage your email communication and streamline your workflow.