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Power BI

What Is Power Bi?

Power BI is the world’s leading self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) platform. Our customers rely on us to provide the most intuitive and productive BI solution that allows them to be more agile, informed, and competitive in the unique demands of their industries.

Creating Streamlined Data Insights

Protect and secure your data so you can use it across Power BI reports, dashboards and data sets with persistent protection. Start getting more out of your technology and data with Power BI, which provides a single pane of glass for on-premises data and also enables you to access any live or historical data from Azure – all through a consistent visual experience across Power BI reports, dashboards, and ad-hoc queries.

Why Choose Power Bi?

Stay connected to the latest news, blog posts and events as they happen. Get real-time insights into your business so you can make timely decisions.

Comprehensive Enterprise Analytics
Power Bi combines enterprise-class analytics with a self-service data portal and thousands of third-party add-ins, apps and APIs. Any organization can radically accelerate its digital transformation using Microsoft's cloud, data lake, and AI solutions to utilize the latest innovations in the field.
Quick & Accurate Deployment
Deploy in minutes, not weeks or months. Visualize your deployment pipelines and quickly identify where capacity is being used, who's responsible for a given stage in the pipeline, the areas that need attention and more.
Giving Actionable Insights
With Power BI, you now have the tools to go from data to business insights in seconds. With Power BI and Power Apps, you can easily build business applications and automate workflow. Connect with people, receive updates from your favorite apps, automate tasks from email to workflows.

Data Protected & Secured

Power BI makes it easy to get your data into the cloud, so you can analyze and build your business strategies. With Power BI, you’re never far from these important tools: Data lakes, like Microsoft Azure Data Lake, enables organizations to store and manage big data sets in one place. Make your business decisions easier with personalized data and protection.

Seamless & Secure

Harness the Power of Business Insights