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If your company has yet to implement cloud-based databases and IT infrastructure, you fail to experience the convenience, productivity, and efficiency of utilizing cloud apps for the web. Don’t miss out on these benefits! Our Azure migration services make it effortless to move your SQL Server databases, virtual desktop infrastructure, and servers into the cloud. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

At Insation Technologies, we are proud to offer our clients unparalleled reliability and performance in Azure data migration. We use top-notch tools such as Azure Migrate and the Database Migration Service – ensuring your business’s journey from on-premises infrastructure is seamless! Our expert team also applies a unique methodology that guarantees maximum efficiency for every single customer.

What Is Migration Services?

Our migration services are designed to help customers understand and implement the necessary steps for successful Azure cloud migration. From planning, designing, testing, and executing data migrations – we take care of every detail and ensure minimal downtime during the process.

We also provide post-migration support, ensuring everything runs smoothly after the transition. We proactively monitor for any issues and take action to resolve them immediately.

Our experienced team can also help you configure your Azure environment, develop streamlined processes and policies, and provide additional assistance. We make sure that all of our customers have a successful migration experience!

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate makes migrating on-premises systems to Azure seamless and stress-free. This program from Microsoft has our backs with features like VM discovery, assessment, right-sizing, and migration – all without any data loss or significant downtime. Plus, it offers simple integration so you can be up and running quickly!
Azure Migrate makes Azure server migration a seamless experience with its inclusive toolset. In addition, this helpful tool offers support for essential migration workloads such as:

With Azure Migrate, we can conveniently move our web apps and data sets to various destinations like:

As we go through the migration process, our Azure Portal will keep you abreast of the progress and pinpoint your next steps. This portal is a tool that helps us make smarter decisions based on Microsoft 2022’s powerful insights so that each decision toward completion is easier to fathom.

Our Migration Services
Our comprehensive database migration service encompasses the following subsets of services:
Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Migration
If your business currently uses Microsoft Exchange, we can help you seamlessly migrate all your data - email, mailbox, files, and programs - to Office 365's cloud-based platform.
SharePoint Migration
If your organization is considering incorporating Office 365 tools into its workflow, then our SharePoint migration services are just the thing for you.
Cloud-to-Cloud Migration
By transitioning from your current cloud-based database to Azure, you'll experience many advantages that other data systems can't provide.

Unlock Limitless Potential

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That’s why we take a systematic approach to Azure migrations, so you get the best value for your money. Our team is available to provide support from initial assessment to implementation and maintenance. Contact us today to discuss how our migration services can help make your transition seamless!