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Forget the Commute and Begin Collaborating Online!

Insation Phone Services enables your business to run virtually, providing you access to cloud-based VoIP telephones, text messaging apps, and audio conferencing, and more. Your team can access the same applications from any desktop, browser, or mobile device and stay connected to maximize productivity. Thanks to a single platform for collaboration, working together has never been easier!

Insation Phone Services comprises an impressive array of =features to make communication and collaboration effortless. Receive HD voice on every call. Keep conversations organized with our easy-to-use messaging platform. Easily track calls and understand how conversations are progressing.

Insation Phone Services is the perfect solution for any business looking to keep collaboration and communication running smoothly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your team’s productivity to the next level with Insation Phone Services! Contact us today and get started!

Seamless Business Communications from Anywhere in the World

Delivered Remotely From any Device

Insation Phone Service revolutionizes your business’s communication – no matter where you are! Instantly connect with colleagues, customers, and suppliers through calls or text messages. With one platform that provides access to the most advanced technology in phone conferencing services – taking care of distant relationships is easier than ever before!
Insation Phone Service is designed to ensure reliability and security each time you call. Developed with the most advanced encryption protocols, your conversations remain safe and secure.


Voice features

Call management

Call center



Empower Your Business Growth

Mobile app
Insation's mobile application allows your workers to stay connected from any location. With this software, you can make and receive calls, send text messages, and participate in conferences on the go! Insation offers an option to send voicemail messages to your email. With voicemails accessible via email mean you'll never miss a message even when you're out of the office or on vacation, or even out of the country.
With our cloud based system, we offer virtually unlimited uptime. Calls are securely routed through different internet servers. If one goes down it can automatically fail over, ensuring that you are always able to get your phone calls. Pairing with industry leaders like Poly Cisco and GrandStream allow us to offer both hardware and software solutions that are ideal for any business in any setting. Call today!
Call forwarding
Instantly route callers to their desired department or contact without any delay. With Insation's advanced call routing system, you can assign calls to any number or department based on caller input. This feature enables your business to respond quickly and efficiently - providing a first-class customer service experience!
Ring groups
Guarantee your callers a success by personally directing them to the appropriate ring groups. Create custom call routes, with our ring group feature, you can assign team members and departments to specific call queues. This allows your business to efficiently route incoming calls to the right person - providing a polished customer service experience for all your clients. Insation is the perfect choice for any business looking for an advanced communication platform that supports collaboration and productivity.
Virtual voicemail
Harness the power of a business voicemail with ease and convenience - available on all your VOIP phones! Our virtual voicemail system allows you to stay on top of incoming messages while keeping track of how conversations progress. Plus, with our advanced Voicemail to email service - you'll never miss news again!
Insation's phone solutions allows yout o collaborate with your employees and vendors using conference calls, audio conferencing, mobile solutions and more. Powerful features to control business calls and ensure only the presenter is speaking. Forward calls to your cell phone after hours. Text with vendors and employees without sharing your personal cell phone number.
Cloud PBX
Secure a cloud-based, offsite managed VoIP phone system for your business today and experience the convenience of reliable, affordable communication.


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