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Business Computer Services

When you have a small business, your aim is to make it successful within the limited resources of the company – no matter the tough challenges and obstacles you face daily. Any significant business decision requires precaution and wisdom, including those related to your IT infrastructure setup. The key is to get the necessary help in this field so that you can focus on your business.
We know the importance of the small and medium sized business’ strategic sector of activity and its contribution to the economy, and so we looked for ways to efficiently address its requirements.
We strive to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ resource for small and medium sized businesses – developing your IT infrastructure; acting like your in-house pool of resources providing you the support you need; and finally becoming your reliable partner.
Whatever your field of business, you need to establish the initial basic IT infrastructure that can gradually evolve to follow the pace of your company’s growth. From office equipment to laptops and servers, we offer the whole range of products and solutions from world leading vendors.

Business Computer ServicesWhat are the benefits of using our Business Computer Services?

  • Reduced costs of managing IT infrastructure
  • Increased productivity through a more reliable IT environment
  • Access to knowledgeable professionals
  • Lowered threat risk for data and network
  • Increased system up-time
  • Improved network performance
  • A more secure infrastructure
  • Freedom to focus on your core business

Your IT Department

We deliver all the benefits of full-time IT support, without the high cost of employing these expansive (and scarce) resources.

Small businesses find it difficult to justify employing full-time IT staff. At Insation Technologies we enhance our technical support with extensive remote monitoring of your systems and networking environment. This allows our staff to proactively manage your issues before they become major problems.

In order to reduce lost productivity and expensive break-fix repair costs, we can identify and eliminate technical issues before they occur.

Real Time, On-Site Support

Business Computer Services

The success of your business depends on your IT systems running efficiently and effectively around the clock. System outages means significant loss of staff and service productivity, customers, and ultimately a loss of business.

No one can afford to wait hours or even days for your computers to be fixed whenever an outage occurs. Our Remotely Managed Platform reduces these risks through continuous monitoring of your critical IT systems.

Our approach to small and medium sized business computer services ensures that your technology is performing at its peak 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including us coming to YOU!

Affordable Business Computer Services

Insation Technologies is proud to offer our Business Computer Services. The benefits of using our services include:

  • Onsite Support
    Our Managed Business Computer Services Packages include regular onsite visits to perform system management functions. Out team of field engineers have an enviable record of onsite delivery of service in emergency situations.
  • Remote Support

    Business Computer Services

    We can provide secure remote support, both background and real time, no matter whether you are in the office of on-the-road. All our customers servers regularly “report-in” for scheduled or abnormal events.

  • Real Time Monitoring of IT Issues
    Management of all network issues can be offered as a service to include reporting of software changes, security violations, disk space problems, unapproved network access, and monitoring of event logs.
  • Fixed Price Support
    Our total managed service package allows you to have the options to freeze the cost of your IT expenditure. This service tends to be only cost effective for larger businesses.
  • Maintenance
    We can maximize you total system performance across your entire IT network through real-time proactive monitoring of your servers and workstations. This allows us to be aware of issues before they become problems.
  • Small Footprint Deployment
    Once the decision has been made to implement our Managed Service monitoring system, it is deployed with as little interruption to users as possible. Once operational, it is almost invisible on the system.
  • Software Deployment and Update
    We manage the complete software installation and update system across the organization with minimal interruption to users
  • Patch Management
    Scheduled operating system and application patch deployment as well as security patch scans are all installed and configured on all our servers as a minimum service.
  • Comprehensive Reports
    Comprehensive weekly and monthly reports from our servers keep you up to date with the management of your system and the computers attached to it, including security status.
  • Anti-Virus and Malware
    You have the option of incorporating a real-time monitored Antivirus and Malware solution to your network. We recommend this as a mandatory item to ensure maximum protection of your infrastructure.
  • Business Computer ServicesScheduled Backups & Recovery
    Scheduled backups of your servers is such an important facet of your network that is cannot be left to human intervention. We ensure that daily backups are automatically performed and reports emailed to your selected contact.