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IT Factoid of the Day: Most modern lithium ion batteries maintain maximum lifespan if consistently kept above 70% charge. It is recommended to not let them deplete under 7%. Shut off the device while charging for maximum benefit. ...

It can be hard to keep up with ever changing technology! You ever feel like this? ...

Find that your #laptop or #desktop doesn't do what you need it to? We can recommend systems to fit your needs, so you can make an informed decision while cutting out excess, so you can save money in the process.

Trade your old system as credit towards your new setup, and with data transfer you will not need to lose any of your files in the process. Every step of the way we will be there to assist you, from advice, to tutelage, software recommendations and services, we will make your #technology work for you.

Software issues? Ask Gandalf the Grey. ...

From simple to complex, we can #build and #customize your #website, #manage and #maintain it's #services, and even oversee it's weekly blog to make sure you stay relevant to #search algorithms so more people can find your site.

An indepth interview and one-on-one will allow us to pinpoint exactly what your needs are, and show you examples so you can be sure that what you want is what you get.




Lucas Perzan has been invaluable to the operation of my business. His technical expertise and responsiveness to my computer problems have allowed me to continue working uninterrupted. Lucas follows up on requests and is prompt in returning and accepting calls. He is knowledgeable concerning the purchase of needed equipment with a responsible concern about cost.It is a comfort to know I have someone as experienced and personable as Lucas Perzan on which I can call when I have a technical issue to resolve.

Judy Condon
Marsh Homestead Country Antiques, LLC., Douglas, MA

Each time I have had an issue with my computer, Lucas has been there in a very short time to get me up and running again. Very dedicated and responsive service with great follow up and no pressure to buy more or add on. Trust me, Trust Lucas.

Don Bourque
ActiveTemps, Webster, MA